Planning Permission

The local planning authority for your area has responsibility for ensuring that development complies with their local plan. Planning Permission will normally be required for a domestic extension, also for garden walls Etc.

Certain types of home alterations are exempt from planning permission under what is called permitted development. The rules for this vary depending on where your property is, we can advise you of what you are able to build under these rule.

Outline planning permission to find out whether a particular type of development is likely to be allowed on land that you own. We can provide the drawings for this purpose, but be aware that the construction of new buildings needs to be overseen by an RIBA architect.

Design and access statements for householder applications within the conservation area of Durham City. You will need a 1 /1250 scale Ordnance survey site plans which are available from various sources, we can provide these from our Promap account for a charge of around £20.

We handle the whole process for you